A Detailed Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4-Inch Tablet

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A Detailed Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4-Inch Tablet


Near perfect color reproduction
Thin and light construction
High portability
Very fast performance
Micro SD card supports up to 128 GB
Comes with Side Sync 3.0
Stunning looking AMOLED display
Fingerprint sensor


The camera is mediocre
The tablet comes with a lot of bloat ware
It does not support S pen

The Samsung Tab S 8.4-Inch Tablet offers a groundbreaking resolution of 2560 x 1600 giving it 359 pixels per inch. What makes this device unique is the Super AMOLED technology that features a bigger contrast in colors.

The tablet features the Exynos 5 Octa core processor. You will find that the cores are running at 1.9 GHz and 4 cores running at 1.3 GHz.

It also offers a 3 GB of RAM memory. What does this mean? It says the Tab S can handle just about everything you throw at it. I have no complaints when it comes to high-end performance from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Though this is considered to be a high-end purchase, the price is fair for the value the tablet provides.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4-Inch Tablet

In the compact tablet segment, tablets like the iPad mini 4 with Retina Display really stand out. And it continues to be one of the dominant forces in the space. But Samsung has a really nice thing going on with the Galaxy Tab S 8.4. They have taken the tablet to a whole new level.

Of course, it’s only a giant like Samsung that could create a flagship brand of the tablet on top of all the ones they already have in their arsenals.

But if this is supposed to be the best Tablets they are offering, then let’s find out what it has to offer you.

The big story about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4-Inch is that it’s smaller, more compact and comes with a Super AMOLED display. And this is the first Samsung Tablet to feature an AMOLED display with a lot of benefits. When I initially got mine, I was really impressed by the display screen. The user interface design was pretty intuitive and interactive.


If you think that this tablet has a similar look to that of Galaxy S5, then you’re pretty much right. The back of the tablet takes on the material choice of the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Although Samsung has had a lot of trials at tablet games, they seem to get it right this time. What you will notice most is that the Tab comes in a thin and compatible design. The Tab S features a 6.6mm thickness which makes this tablet one of the lightest tablets, beaten only by the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet.

The tablet features a plastic body and lays out the portrait-style orientation. I appreciate the fact that the plastic housing gives it a thin and lightweight construction. So, it is very comfortable to hold in hand. I was able to grasp it with one hand comfortably.

If you take a look around the metal trim bezel that features the same ports and button, you will also find out that they include the power button, the volume control, IR blaster, and Micro SD slot.

Down to the bottom are the micro USB port and headphone jack. You can find the speaker in portrait mode, on upper and lower portion of the device.


The Tab S 8.4 gorgeous vivid crisp comes with a lot of cool features. With the screen that is better than HDTV, everything you see comes to life in stunning detail. Samsung has also built-in groundbreaking features to make your tablet safer and easier to use. You can easily use your finger to unlock the tablet and shop online. Reaching the elements on the screen is pretty easy when typing.

Holding tab S without activating the screen is also not that difficult in landscape mode as the bezel on top gives a safe spot for resting your thumb. We haven’t seen the AMOLED display on a tablet for quite a long time. So, it is very refreshing to find it here again.

The screen features 8.4 inches 1600×2560 Super AMOLED display, giving it a pixel density of 359 pixels per inch. The screen display is Super Sharp detailed which makes it an attention grabber.

Ultimately, Samsung might not have to change the formula much at all, but at least in this iteration of their tablet, they’ve really gotten it down, making it a very sleek device that is not hard to handle. Off course, the Marque feature of this tablet comes with the addition of the Super AMOLED screen. It offers a high-resolution display at 2560×1608, yielding 359 pixels per high-resolution displays on the tablets. This may arguably be one of the highest quality ones out there.

The colors are incredibly punchy, so is the case with AMOLED, leading to high contrast. The Tab also features an adapter that helps to optimize the display, depending on the lighting conditions and the application that you desire.

You can customize the color temperature to your liking and position it in an auto mode. There’s a primary mode which produces more natural realistic-looking colors. Apps like the paper guard and the adaptive mode, adjust the viewing experience.

Just like the Galaxy S5, it features a fingerprint sensor, works on the same premise and it’s integrated into the home button.


With this tab, you are sure of not having any problems running most of the today’s 3D games on it.

The Exynos 5 Octa is Samsung’s tried-and-true in-house processor, and it brings the Molly T620 along for graphics processing. Although, we still notice performance hitches with the tablet.  I ran into very few incidences that kept me from getting around.

But, blasting through the applications using the recent app screen brought no issues at all. The tablet offers a bright contrast when it comes to water log high-definition videos. There are no performance hitches.

Also, you can make every minute count by running multiple Apps on your screen at the same time if you want to multitask. The media consumption is capable of taking on everything from a web browser to a remote PC access with ease.

The Super AMOLED display comes to list as it shows some vibrant color tones. And when we throw in the adaptive mode display and adjust the color saturation to contrast, it gave us the most uplifting experience.

You can’t beat the decent looking photos which feature an eight-megapixel autofocus camera just as long as you have a lot of lighting presence. It also produces favorable results with its 1080PS video recording quality; clear audio recording and its continuous autofocus feature are pretty quick on the fly.


Now, Samsung has always made it a point to put in as much as they can on their devices. And the tab is no different, especially if media is your primary usage for this game-changing tablet. The inclusion of the micro SD is also a welcome development.

As far as connectivity goes, NFC is the only real hole here. But you still do get things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And of course, an IR blaster, making this one of the better screen experiences you can have on watching TV. The finger scanner makes it onto the tablet line, embedded into the home button and set up the same way as it was with the Galaxy S5.

The door speaker setup is great to use, though it’s not the richest or loudest sound available. The headphone looks expectedly great as well.

Also, I decided to test the battery by taking on what this tablet is marketed to do. So I got on Netflix and Wi-Fi and played some games for as long as I could. I got down to 20 percent battery life just under eight hours. But the better way of measuring that is by counting the number of episodes I got through. It was 17 episodes of a spectacular show.

So, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to bench-watch up to two seasons of a typical show without any problem. And if you lower that screen light a bit, you’ll have one hell of a long lasting tablet. With the Ultra Saving Mode feature, you can also expand your battery life for hours.

The only thing that has a little drawback for me was the Samsung Keyboard. The reason was that the keyboard tends to lag. But you can jump over this hurdle by using the Google keyboard. Apart from that, I still find the interface smooth and on top of the line.


The tablet offers features like software stabilization for photos and videos, as well as much HDR and burst mode bolster.

The 8-megapixel objects default to 6 to 16×9 aspect ratio picture. The Picture quality isn’t too bad, though it is in comparison to its flagship counterpart.

Unsurprisingly, the color doesn’t pop a bit. The color lighting is good and decent, but it is really nothing to write home about. I don’t see anyone consistently using the camera tablet unless in the case you want to share what you’re eating while bench watching your movie.


Finally, in the software, we might see a familiar operating system that continues from Samsung’s Pro line of tablets. But there are a couple of additions here that sweeten the pot. First, despite the new Circle Motifs that you can find in the quick setting area and a flattering look overall in color; this is still a touch for us.

The magazine UX is largely the same as the one found on the Pro line and is made of specialized widgets. We didn’t actually find a game change by any means as it didn’t really penetrate the day to day routine well enough.

But then, it comes with a lot of applications that displays the Super AMOLED capabilities and also help to improve your experience across the device. One really cool feature with the tablet is the Side Sync three points that offer an attractive way of accessing your phone when it’s a little bit far away with you.

And it doesn’t just give you notifications, but also gives you full access. It is not the smoothest implementation, but for some smaller general tasks, it does get the job done.

The tablet has strong support for multiple users which is perfect for homes. If you have kids, you can have different users’ profile for each one of them. They can have access to their settings and apps. So, you don’t have to worry about your kids messing with your home screen.

It also features multi-window for real multitasking. You can just swipe through it at any time. For you to be able to have that real multitasking experience, you could have two apps running side by side to one another.

Dalton Remote PC capabilities tie into your Samsung account to get you remote access to your computer at home, and it works quite well when used on the same Wi-Fi connection. You are sure of getting similar performance outside of your home network.

And finally, you have the paper garden application. Its new magazine service hub works in conjunction with the Super sharp display and adaptive mode settings. It optimizes the experience that will enable you to get a finer crisper looking text and colors that display to give you the most optimal viewing experience.

Downloading a couple of magazines is easy, and you’ll get the end of the entire publication complete with every single interface.

I found the super AMOLED screen up to the task for this by making the text easy to read and pictures sharp to view. It’s Samsung’s gateway to further partnership with companies, but if you are a magazine reader, you may benefit from this digital way of reading.


The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 will come in at the price of $330 while it’s bigger brother the 10.5 inch Galaxy Tab comes 499$ instead. While it’s primary competition includes every other 8-inches tablet in Samsung’s camp. The Tab S, as a flagship, deserves the title because of how much it offers you.


So, there you have it- the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. That sums up the experience with the Galaxy Tab S 8.4. Overall, I do recommend this tablet, especially if you want to use it for media consumption and entertainment.

It makes all media quite fun.

A good list of goodies and excellent screen make the Galaxy Tab S the best tablet choice for entertainment. Ecosystem consolidation might not necessarily be perfect yet, but it’s taking a step forward with built-in remote PC access and side sync.

The Tablet offers a super AMOLED and a sharper higher resolutions quality screen.

I’m not much of a magazine reader, but if I were, the paper garden would be a great alternative to the paper editions. I love the battery; it can go for at least a couple of seasons of a TV show.

The galaxy tab S 8.4 is definitely Samsung’s best tablets in the tablet’s game thus far. I will admit that overall, it has been a great experience for me.

Check out the full list of features on the Samsung Tab S 8.4 Inch here.

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