Avera 32 AER10N 32 Inch 720p LED TV (2015 Model)

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Avera 32 AER10N 32 Inch 720p LED TV (2015 Model)

Our thoughts on the Avera 32 Inch AER10N Full HD TV by CEC.

Good value for money at this price point and makes a good bedroom TV. It has a slim design, full HD resolution, multi-core processor and comes with 18 months warranty.


Audio quality is adequate but could be better. Remote control sensor could be better

Avera is an American company, owned jointly by China Electronics Corporation (CEC), which is one of the most reputed and largest IT companies in the world. CEC is the parent company of about 100 other subsidiary companies. The very first company of CEC was set up in 1950. Its business spans 100 different countries all over the globe, and they have constantly innovated and developed advanced technologies to provide their consumers with the best and latest products.

Avera, under the expert guidance of CEC has been developing different electronic devices, technologies, IT products, LED TVs and the likes through the medium of retailers, mass merchants, sellers, e-commerce websites, distributors, etc. in various stores all across the USA. Avera has been largely successful in utilizing the latest technologies and engineering in order to produce the most advanced, unique and at the same time, affordable products.

Avera 32AER10N 32-Inch 720p LED TV is one such great product. The Aeria Series of Avera Televisions was launched in the year 2015, which Avera claims to be one of the finest, value for money product you could ask for.

What’s Distinct and Unique about the AER10N 32 Inch 720p LED TV?

First of all, it is one of the best-selling, great value for money TVs on Amazon that comes with full HD technology. It sports a powerful and faster multi-processor which helps with the TV’s brightness, clarity and colour detail. Its LED voltage is significantly low, which makes the Avera television series a fantastic deal to lay your hands on.

It boasts of the distinct color enhancing technology, developed exclusively by its engineers, which allows you to enjoy motion pictures and high velocity action sequences in their optimum forms. Its motion clarity is outstanding, so you can definitely watch some sports or hook it up to your PS4.

Some consumers have had some feedback that the audio quality could be better. I found that it wasn’t too bad at all. The audio quality is adequate and does not warranty buying a separate sound bar or speakers.

At the price point, this model represents excellent value for money for a 32 inch full HD TV.

Features In Detail

  • Design, Looks and Appearance

The Avera AER10N LED TV is a great combination of looks and performance and value. It comes with a slim and sleek frame constructed with high quality material and is covered in black polish. Its dimensions are as follows – 3.3 inches in height, 36.3 inches in breadth or width, and a depth of 21.7 inches. This makes it a lot slimmer than most other televisions you will usually see. The said measurement is excluding the dimensions of the TV stand. When measured along with the stand, it amounts to a 9 inches height, a 36.9 inches of width and a depth of 26 inches.

This is a particularly great looking model because of its dark, black piano finishing. Its thin borders and sleek framework give it an elegant and classy look. As a matter of fact, it is almost borderless. This model is of a great size as well. At 32 inches, it makes for a good bedroom TV.

  • The Advanced OptiTrum 2.0 Color Enrichment Technology

Its revolutionary color enhancing technology called the OptiTrum2.0 is the latest development in mapping, color enhancing and processing technology. Now you can watch all your favorite TV shows, movies and videos in the high quality and high definition display. The display comes with numerous pixels which are automatic and self-lightening, so it brightens up your images and display without putting too much strain on your eyes. You can modify the screen settings, like brighten or lower the light, dim the contrast quality or adjust the tones.

It has a full array LED display, with added features of local dimming and adjusting. It also has a back light technology for display, which is rare to find in a TV of this price range. Its aspect ratio is 16:9, so you will be able to watch the movies and shows as intended by film directors. You will enjoy a broader spectrum of colors, fuller hues and about 16.7 million display colors.

  • Superb Surround Sound and Extra Audio Features

On paper, the Avera AER10N LED TV comes with an impressive and powerful surround sound technology, which should bring utmost joy to your ears and will make you feel like you are listening to everything live. The way it works is that when it converts the data from analogue to digital, it tries to retain as much details as possible and at an augmented rate. This way, the sound or audio quality that gets produced is supposed to be clear and authentic. It also has a pre-installed audio system which will provide you with crisp and clear sound quality by decoding the encrypted content and then bringing out fine audio data channels.

As mentioned previously, there has been some feedback about the audio in our research, but from our tests, we found that the audio quality is definitely acceptable within a small space (say a bedroom).

  • Powerful and Impressive Multi-Core Processor

This is perhaps the biggest and most attractive feature of the Avera AER10N LED TV. Partnered with the latest CEC technology, its powerful multi-core processor enriches, enhances and betters the color details, color balance, and the contrasts. The outcome of this impressive technology is clearer, brighter and sharper pictures. This innovative technology is so adaptable that it can modify and adjust the LED back light and alter the contents of the screen according to the natural light in your room. It also cancels out excessive background noises, giving you a better sound quality.

Not to mention, the multi-core processor technology also enhances the details of night or dark scenes. This is something that you don’t find often in other TV sets.

  • Multiple Connectivity Options and Accessories

The Avera AER10N LED TV provides you with multiple connectivity options and inputs, namely, 3 ports for HDMI, 1 port for VGA, RCA Composite, YPbPr A/V, 1 port for USB, 1 for Mobile High-Definition Link (MHDL) and other audio visual components. These would allow you to connect to other entertainment devices.

Additionally, Avera LED comes with a separate remote control, and an audio/ video wire, two AAA batteries, and a pedestal base. Now you can, within a few seconds, convert your television into a full functioning, multimedia entertainment unit. All you have to do is simply connect your electronic devices like your music player, tablet, smartphone, etc. and you can enjoy your favorite songs, videos, images, podcasts and what not.

It is also compatible with other audio visual sources like Chrome stick, Apple TV, etc, thereby giving you endless options for entertainment.

Lastly, it comes with a pre-installed digital tuner which will let you see digital broadcasts, or high definition television programs wherever they are accessible. Now watch your hiking, biking or wedding videos you recorded on your smart phone or table on this 32 inch screen of your Avera AER10N LED TV.

  • Compatibility with VESA

Do you often take too much time to decide which wall to mount your LED TV on? If so, the Avera AER10N might be right for you since it is compatible with the VESA mount. The VESA mount promises to make the setup and installation procedure a breeze, which we shall discuss in greater detail later.

  • Environment-Friendly and Energy Efficient

As you might already know, EPA’s Energy Star initiative has been America’s program for saving and conserving energy voluntarily. Energy Star program prevents the excessive emission of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere according to guidelines and mandates made by the U.S. Department of Energy.  And if a product has a certified rating by Energy Efficient, you can buy with a piece of mind that it is environmentally friendly.

  • Precision in Contrast

With Aversa’s unique technology of ‘Contrast Pro Dimming’, this TV will form clearer color distinctions, brighter whites, darker blacks and the minute details of your screen will become more refined than ever. The contrast ratio of this TV is 3000:1. Every LED light that comes with this TV has the capability to adjust its mild tone and color palette according to what is being shown on the TV screen. Thanks to its multi-core processing technology, its contrast is precise and sharp. This TV set encompasses a technology what is called the ‘Home Digital Refining’ or the ‘High Dynamic Processing Range’ which further improves the quality of contrast and clarity of display picture.

In short, picture quality is excellent.

  • The Uninterrupted Accelera ++ 120 Speed of Motion Flow

The smooth back light scanning technology by Avera gives you a quick and efficient refresh rate. Due to this, you will see more realistic and clearer images on the screen. This fast acceleration technology can recreate the images and pictures accurately.

  • User-Friendly and Easy to Set up

It is extremely simple to set up the Avera AER10N LED TV as its instruction and user manual is easy to understand. Simply attach the legs of the stand (that comes with the TV), then connect it to the cable or the dish receptor and it will start working.

Then, you’ll need to set the programming of the TV, adjust its picture quality, modify the sound system, the speakers, etc. according to your needs and requirements. You can further make changes in the color tone, the mild tone, the brightness, the sharpness, the contrast, amongst other settings.

Apart from the user guide and manual, you will also see automatic instructions and prompts on your TV screen as you go along with the programming. 

  • Warranty Coverage of 18 Months

The Avera AER10N LED TV comes with an 18 month warranty.

Overall Rating, Performance and Function

The 32 inch Avera AER10N LED TV is an excellent product at this price point. Its picture quality is great, sound quality is adequate and the pricing is very competitive.

Click here to see full list of features.

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