Samsung KS8000 65 Inch UHD TV Review – Experience STUNNING Picture Quality

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Samsung KS8000 65 Inch UHD TV Review – Experience STUNNING Picture Quality

Is Samsung's Mid Range 4K TV from the KS8000 Series Worth $1700? Let's Find Out.

There is no dearth of TV manufacturers producing Ultra HD TVs today. But if one is going to spend a considerable amount of money to buy the latest technology, it makes sense to go for the ‘trusted’ brands. One of these trusted brands is Samsung. After leading the way in Smartphones, it also established itself as a trusted name for other home appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, etc and notably, Ultra HD TV sets.

The Samsung UN65KS8000, a 65 inch ultra HD TV is quite the perfect option for your living room. It is not only beautiful, but also offers superb value for money in the form of an amazing viewing experience. The 4K technology itself is revolutionary. Starting from cameras, it has now come to television sets as well. And when you get to see 4K content streaming in a 4K TV, the experience might very well blow your mind. Read on to know more about the TV and why we think it is quite the ideal LED UHD TV for your home.

Samsung KS8000 Series

Before we discuss what the UN65KS8000 has to offer, let’s find out a little more about the KS8000 series from Samsung. Samsung addresses its UHD TV series as ‘SUHD’. There is no special word or meaning attached to ‘S’ that would set apart the SUHD series from Samsung to other UHD TV series. It can purportedly be considered as ‘Smart’.

The KS8000 is the SUHD TV series from Samsung which offers the least expensive 4K LED TVs from the company. Apart from KS8000, they also have KS9000, which offers more expensive SUHD LED TVs. The KS8000 is the cheaper or the more affordable one, but continues to be out of range for many.

It is no surprise that UHD TVs are more expensive than Full HD or OLED TVs – the advanced technology commands a premium. When you buy a 4K TV, it is also likely that you pay more for streaming 4K content, on top of the higher initial cost. If you can afford it, the experience is well worth the cost.

One of the advantages with the KS8000 series is the fact that all your devices can be controlled with the main TV remote. All you need to do is to make sure the devices are all plugged in and connected. You can control all your smart gadgets in a similar fashion, including lights and thermostat etc. If you like the idea of a Smart Home and a Smart TV with plenty of features, the Samsung KS8000 has a lot to offer.

Samsung UN65KS8000 and the Ease of Setup

The features and screen quality of almost all the models in the KS8000 series are about similar. The UN65KS8000 is the 65-inch ultra HD LED TV with multiple smart and unique features. It comes with a universal remote, and the TV itself is quick and easy to set up. You need to plug in the devices during the initial setup once, and then they can all be controlled using the TV remote.

You can plug in a huge variety of devices you wish to connect to, be it a cable box, play station, Xbox, etc, allowing you easy access whenever you want to use them.

Key Specifications of UN65KS8000

Sleek Design: Samsung UN65KS8000 has a sleek and elegant design on the borders, and the lower end is thicker and silver in colour. The detachable stands are also silver and can be attached in two different positions. One in the corners, and the other in the center. You can choose to place them whichever way you want, depending on your preference.

The combination of black and silver gives the TV an elegant look. The remote also has a sophisticated looking design, and is made to fit well in your hand. However, even though it is designed as a universal control, the remote does not have any kind of backlighting, or even forward, skip and rewind buttons, which is something that we felt was queer. 🙁

Ultra HD/4K: The screen resolution for a 4K TV is 3840 x 2160 Pixels, meaning, none of the objects in the screen will lack detailing. All content are visibly sharp and bright, and it’s not difficult to tell the difference between this screen and other HD, Full HD televisions.

The images are sharp and without any random visual distortions. With multiple advanced features like HDR, Quantum Dot, Light Dimming, the picture quality offered by UN65KS8000 is simply excellent. This model is a flat screen, and the KS6500 is the curved edition of the same TV. So if you are looking for something different from flat screen, you know what to opt for.

Smart TV/ 4K streaming: Samsung UN65KS8000 is a smart TV that allows for connecting through Wi-Fi, along with 4K content streaming in HDR. This is available exclusively for content from Netflix and Amazon, as they are the two services providing it. Other apps like Vudu and UltraFlix have native 4K content but not in HDR.

Although a lot of popular apps are not offered by Samsung, you can always opt for an additional connection from Roku or Apple TV. This has been made up for, by the seamless incorporation of content in a Samsung TV. You can flip through content from various apps like Hulu or Netflix on the home screen.

While other programs continue running in the background, the menu not only gives you suggestions on what to watch, but also allows you to resume whatever you were watching. When using a smart TV like UN65KS8000, it is important to ensure that the speed of your wifi connection is sufficiently fast, and ranges between 15 – 20 mbps. A lower speed will fail to provide you with desired results, watching 4K content is no fun if the internet speed is slow. 🙁

Connectivity Ports: One of the best features in this TV is the presence of plenty of ports – 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, one LAN port, an audio output port, and a remote port. The wide-ranging options offered by the TV enhances its usability. When you buy a TV as massive as this, it cannot just look good and lack in connectivitiy, can it?

Additional Features Which Set UN65KS8000 Apart From Other TVs

Quantum Dot Color: In the earlier series by Samsung, this feature was called the Nano Crystal Color. It is now called the Quantum Dot in KS8000. The name has become more descriptive, but its functions remain the same. The ultra thin layers of these nano crystals or quantum dots are inserted in between the LCD screen and the LED backlight. This is done so that the light from the LED can polarize to form broader color patterns. This leads to further augmentation of the color palette created by the pixels of the television, for better colors, vibrancy and greater realism. This technology of the Quantum Dot, is complimented well by another technology called the HDR.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) : The HDR supported by this TV is HDR1000, and not the Dolby Vision HDR commonly found in other 4K TVs. HDR maintains the color contrast of a TV, and ensures that you can get maximum brightness along with visibly rich blacks. The HDR in KS8000 series is better than what was in the earlier series, promising better color contrast, irrespective of the lighting. Samsung UN65KS8000 does not seem to be missing out on anything by not having Dolby Vision HDR, what it has is the HDR1000, with other enhancements like Peak Illuminator, Ultra Black and UHD Dimming technologies.

Triple Black Technology/Ultra Black – The Triple Black Technology in the TV ensures that the blacks you see are rich and clear. Many times the Blacks in the TV are not shown in the best way. This technology will ensure that you always get to see the best of blacks, even in the darkest of rooms. This technology usually works in tandem with another technology, called the UHD Dimming. Together, they create the richest possible black shades. Although the blacks shown by UHD LED TVs of this size are usually good, this is class leading.

UHD Dimming: To maintain the depth of color contrast, and to ensure that you always see deep and rich colors, these TV are accompanied with UHD Dimming technologies. This is also known as backlighting, especially for TV watching in dark rooms. Since it works in tandem with Triple Black Technology, it mainly helps to make the blacks richer.

Key Takeaways

The KS8000 series of Samsung is a mid-range series. The differences among these series are not severe, but there are a few key aspects that define one series over the other. The highlighting point of TV sets from the KS8000 series are the premium features they offer. This series offers you the best of features at medium price range. If you want more than what you are offered here, or something even better, you can opt for the KS9000 series.

The hardware of the TV is something you will not have any complaints about because it looks really good. The sleek and elegant border with the silver stand can add on to the beauty of any room or space in your house. There are multiple other devices that we would want to connect with our TV, and these ports have made the connectivity possible. In many TVs the number of ports is very limited, thus reducing the options for connectivity. In UN65KS8000 you do not have to worry about such a thing.

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