TCL 32S3800 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

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TCL 32S3800 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

Smart 32 Inch TV at under $170. What's there not to like?

In this era of technology, you witness several new innovative designs competing with each other. Smart TVs are also a part of these innovations. The quality of TVs has been improving with each new design. The picture quality and features have all been upgraded. A TV can perform many functions now, and that too at a lower cost. The old TV would be big and heavy and you’d even have to slap it a few times to get it to work! The modern TV, on the other hand, is a thin, sexy LED smart TV that is also affordable. With so many choices, it can get confusing as to which smart TV to buy.

Roku’s TCL 32S3800 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV is a good quality smart TV at a very affordable price of $167, and comes with a 12-month warranty.


This 32-inch TCL smart TV offers good quality picture and is both thin and good looking. It comes with the Roku TV streaming platform and has its own accessories, such as the detachable power cord and the remote with batteries. Its backlight is LED full array.

This smart TV offers several input options including 1 USB, 3 HDMI ports, RF, optical audio out, and a headphone jack. The refresh rate is 60 Hz. You can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and video games with good quality display.


TCL 32S3800 has the same design as the 40-inch 40FS3800. In the lower right corner is the four-way navigation pad around the Power button. On the left side of the screen are the cable/antenna connector, the headphone jack, the power connector, and the three HDMI ports, all facing down. The optical audio output, composite video input, and the USB ports are on the  left.


The TCL 32S3800 dimensions, without the stand, are 28.98″ x 17″ x 3.18″. With the stand, the dimensions are 28.98″ x 18.68″ x 7.78″. It weighs in at 10.4 lbs. Compared to other 30-39 inch televisions that weigh around 14 lbs, this TV is much lighter. This is an added advantage as it will be easier for you to move it around and mount it on a wall.


At 32 inches, it has a 768 resolution display. The average price of a 30-39 inch smart TV with 768 display is more than $300 nowadays, so this TV comes at a highly affordable price and offers good value as compared to other TVs of its resolution and size range. But since the price is lower than most, the resolution is not as good as you can generally get nowadays.

This is the resolution that is often used by computer monitors and laptop screens, but it is not very common in TVs. A 1080p TV would, without a doubt, give better resolution and sharper, brighter and better-colored picture. However, 1080p TVs are also much more expensive, so that’s a tradeoff.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of TCL 32S3800 is 60Hz. The refresh rate is the rate at which the TV updates the image on the screen. This is good enough even if you want to watch live sports and fast moving action TV shows or movies. 60Hz is a reasonable refresh rate for a 768 display television.

Roku TV Platform

Access to the Roku TV platform is one of the best features of Roku TVs and you will be able to avail this feature through TCL 32S3800. You will have access to hundreds of streaming services and apps. All of these will be available to you through the Channel Store of Roku.

The Roku Stream Stick, offered for $49 on Amazon, has the same selection as the Roku Channel Store on your TCL 32S3800. You will find your usual favorites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Google, and Sling TV, all on the Roku TV platform. There are also the network-based services, such as HBO Go, WWE Network, and Twitch. Basically, Roku TV is offering you all of your favorite TV shows and movies under one platform. Roku has several streaming services, so you can choose your preferred option from there.

As 32S3800 is a Roku TV, it will support the Roku app, which is available for free for both iOS and Android smartphones. Like other similar apps, the Roku app allows you to use your phone as a remote control. You can input text, stream photos and videos from your phone via Play on Roku, and also search for content using your voice.

Remote Control

The TCL 32S3800 TV’s remote control is a small and simple device with only about 20 buttons (okay… 17 to be exact). TV remote controls nowadays have way too many buttons, which can be confusing.

This remote control is easy to navigate and has the usual basic buttons for power, volume, as well as playback controls.

At the bottom of the remote are four buttons for Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, and Radio so you have easy, one-touch access to your favorite services.



Energy Efficiency

For someone looking to save money on electricity bills or trying to minimize their power consumption, this TV is a very good choice. It uses around 53kWh/year on average, which is pretty low and can get you some energy savings.

Other Features

  • Personalize your home screen

TCL 32S3800 gives the option of personalizing your home screen so you can set it according to your preferences of TV shows, music, sports, movies, and more. You can set your home screen so that you have access to cable TV and more than a thousand gaming consoles, streaming channels and more. So if you have a set choice of things you want to watch, you no longer have to flip through channels or look for streaming services. You can have all of them at your personalized home screen.

  • Easy, comprehensive search

Roku Search makes it much easier for you to find the movie you are looking for. If you don’t remember the title of the movie, you can search for it by searching by director or actor. If you have the Roku App, you can search by voice.

Final Verdict

TCL 32S3800 32-Inch 720p is not the highest quality TV out there, especially with HD and 1080p resolutions available. However, it does come at a very good price of $167 and with the Roku TV platform, the TV is a good entry level smart TV for the bedroom at least.

Check out the TCL 32S3800 32 Inch on Amazon here.

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